Lighting Control

Switch On Your Life with Zero Effort!

Our lighting control is the epitome of comfort and energy efficiency.
We have provided this futuristic product to give you a feel of the power of technology and how it can add more speed to your life.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you customize the light of the room as per your mood. Our products also allow you to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a bright and cheerful ambience for a party.

With our full automation lighting control products, you can create the perfect lighting for any occasion.

We are the first to bring you innovative solutions like NO Distribution box for lighting control systems and products like Automation Buttons, Sockets, and Regulators on a SINGLE COMMON PLATE.

Our solutions offer the most incredible effects and lighting solutions. From Dimming on DALI protocol or phase-cut to changing colour from cool white to yellow of any type of light, our lighting control systems are compatible with almost all brands of lighting fixtures.

Our clients enjoy excellence, durability and affordable choices with our lighting control products from countries like the UK and an equally reliable MADE in INDIA solution.