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Your Home. Your Style. Your Comfort, Exclusively Designed!


The idea of automation is to make your life easy and smoother by creating solutions for the comfort of your lifestyle.


Imagine a home with state-of-the-art systems that seamlessly integrates all of your home's electronic devices into one smart, intuitive system.


Imagine a home which has installed a cool Fingerprint reading control, wardrobe automation, peripheral locking solutions, integrated switch plates, underwater speakers etc. which make you feel like the King of the World!


Imagine a system which offers you a revolutionary and intuitive interface that even the most technologically challenged can understand.


Imagine a home that runs on a technology that runs on your preferences and syncs luxury with a fully personalized home automation experience.

And Wait!

The magic does not stop there.
Our products are designed to offer several elements of luxury.

Plus, with our advanced security features, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is always protected as well as a feel of luxury.

So, when you want to invest in an exclusive life and home, choose to invest in a unique home automation system that fits your dreams!



Be the Diva with this Technology!

This is our most unique offering! Now not only secure your belongings but also avoid the hassles of using a lock and key. With our solution, you can enjoy a small aesthetically pleasing fingerprint scanner as a lock. Depending on who swipes the finger, the wardrobe shutter will unlock. We offer this and many more such integrated features in this solution to make your walk-in wardrobe usage a lot more convenient yet secure experience.



Bless your Gardens with Regular Nutrition!

Let your garden feel your care and nourishment on a daily basis at the right time without fail. Use our automation system and enjoy the bliss of a well-maintained garden without wasting water and schedule the system based on seasons.



Swim in Style and Luxury!

No need to flinch at the temperature and quality of the water of your swimming pool every time you wish to take a dip. Our service will make sure your pool stays fresh with the correct temperature, lights, filtration, chemicals etc. We wish to make sure your pool becomes your daily spa with minimum hassle and keeps your life time and cost-efficient.



Party, Classy and Contemporary!

Wish to become the favourite of your friends with brand new and the most advanced speaker? Customise your décor and sound system with our invisible speakers and enjoy the incredible sound and maintain the style of your decors and interiors.



More than What Meets your Senses!

Add a style statement to your decors with these speakers made of glass. Just switch it on to add the more mood to your the day and occasion. Use this speaker and enjoy the bliss of modern day technology curated for your lifestyle.